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Venus R. Lockett is an Asset Building Coach “Ms. ABC” and the Founder of Urban Asset Builders, Inc., a for profit social enterprise with a nonprofit heart. Ms. Lockett is a passionate advocate for urban entrepreneurship and economic empowerment, and her personal mission begins with a focus on instilling a mindset that “credit” and “savings” are assets. She seeks to help improve the financial health of low-to-moderate income individuals and aspiring entrepreneurs, and empower them to build economic stability for themselves and their families; so they may contribute to the economic stability of our communities.

Ms. Lockett began her professional career 15 years ago as a Corporate Account Manager in the voice communications industry where she managed several high volume international VoIP accounts. She made her career change to the asset building arena 3 years ago and has volunteered as an educational facilitator and financial coach with organizations such as United Way of Greater Atlanta, The Center for Working Families, Inc. and Rainbow Village.

She is a trailblazer in the Greater Atlanta area where she has introduced collaborative asset building initiatives such as Prize Linked Savings and Metro Atlanta Saves. Currently, Ms. Lockett is the chairperson for Money Smart Week® Greater Atlanta, a campaign she initiated in partnership with the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago with the support of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Money Smart Week® is a national one-week public awareness campaign designed to help consumers better manage their personal finances. Ms. Lockett is also launching her “Money Smart Clubs” program which seeks to financially educate and empower the family as a whole. Relating to asset building education and resources, Ms. Lockett brings a wealth of knowledge to her audience. She resides in the Greater Atlanta area.

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