Canned Heat
Herbert & Wolf represents a fresh approach that delivers legal services and real solutions to the most pressing needs of small to medium-sized businesses. Say goodbye to hourly billing. With us, you’re never “on the clock.” We take our time and listen to our clients needs. Have no fear, with us, you will not be billed for any service you don’t specifically ask us to complete for your business. Our business is taking care of your business. John received his undergraduate degree from Georgia Tech and completed law school at Georgia State University. He has been practicing law since 1994 and specializes in any and all the legal needs for small to medium sized businesses. John is the managing partner of Herbert & Wolf, LLC in Roswell, Georgia. A new venture, BeSureBusiness, LLC, is being launched in 2014 to compliment the efforts of the law firm to help small to medium size businesses remain competitive and successful.
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