Canned Heat
Bob Holtz is the owner of DMAIC Consulting, a group of Lean Six Sigma Professionals who have achieved the Black Belt status in the Process Improvement discipline. The thrust of their focus is assisting small business owners with the daunting task of keeping their “eye on the ball” as they work to make their business fun, successful and profitable. Many business owners do not have efficient processes in place to optimize their skills and their employee skills. We assist in building a better business for them by keeping the focus on constant improvement. Bob's background has been in Process Improvement for the past 30 years always looking for a better way to improve processes. In many instances, through using Lean Six Sigma techniques he have saved these companies millions of dollars by making their businesses more efficient and profitable. He has always looked for the better mousetrap, but in the business world. He is Mr. Fix-it in business. The company's website, currently under construction is:
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